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20 X 20 Protective tarp

20 X 20 Protective tarp


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Setup Area: 15 X 15

Actual Size: 15 X 15

DescriptionTo ensure the longevity and health of your lawn while setting up a bounce house, it is highly recommended to protect the grass with a tarp. This simple step provides a barrier that prevents damage from foot traffic, weight stress, and potential spills, keeping your grass vibrant and intact throughout the fun-filled event.

Protecting your grass with a tarp when setting up a bounce house is a smart choice for several reasons:

  1. Prevents Grass Damage: Bounce houses are heavy and can cause significant damage to the grass. The weight and constant movement can crush the grass, leaving it discolored and damaged. A tarp acts as a protective barrier, distributing the weight more evenly and minimizing direct contact.

  2. Keeps Grass Clean: A tarp can help keep your grass clean from any debris, mud, or spills that might occur during the event. This makes post-event cleanup much easier and prevents potential damage from food, drinks, or other substances getting ground into the grass.

  3. Protects the Bounce House: Grass can sometimes have sharp objects like sticks, rocks, or thorns that can puncture or tear the bounce house. A tarp provides an additional layer of protection, reducing the risk of damage to the bounce house.

  4. Prevents Mud and Dirt: If the ground is wet or damp, the bounce house can become muddy or dirty from direct contact with the grass. A tarp prevents moisture from seeping up, keeping the bounce house cleaner and more enjoyable for the kids.

  5. Easier Setup and Removal: Using a tarp can make the setup and removal of the bounce house easier. The bounce house can slide more easily on a tarp than on grass, making it simpler to position correctly and take down afterward.

  6. Maintains Lawn Health: Prolonged coverage of grass with a bounce house can lead to yellowing or dying patches due to lack of sunlight and air. A tarp can mitigate this effect by providing a buffer layer that allows for better air circulation compared to direct contact.

By using a tarp, you’re ensuring that both your lawn and the bounce house stay in good condition, making the entire experience more enjoyable and hassle-free for everyone involved.

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