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Summertime Limonade



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the perfect summertime refreshment, made with organic lemon flavors
Margarita Man® Summertime Lemonade concentrate, water, tequila or vodka (spirits optional)

Margarita Man® Lemonade mix concentrate. Organic lemon flavors make this lemon version of our traditional margarita absolutely delicious. The perfect summertime refreshment – nice and tart. Delicious with vodka for frozen lemon drop martinis, tequila for lemon margaritas, and delicious as a non-alcoholic lemon slush. One half-gallon of concentrate produces over 4 gallons of frozen Lemon Margaritas or Lemon Drop Martinis and yields 69 drinks (8-ounces each) with alcohol mixed in, or 56 non-alcoholic  Lemon Slushies. Check out our

Margarita Machine Recipe

  • 1 bottle (½ gal) – Margarita Man® Summertime Lemonade concentrate
  • 3 gal – water
  • 3 L – Tequila or Vodka for Lemon Margaritas or Frozen Lemon Drop Martinis
    • alcohol optional; delicious without alcohol for kids’ parties
  • combine all ingredients in a 5-gallon mixing container, stir or shake vigorously, and carefully pour into a margarita or slush machine
  • Makes 69 8-ounce drinks with alcohol mixed in, or 56 non-alcoholic Summertime Lemonade slushies

Blender Recipe

  • 4 oz – Margarita Man® Summertime Lemonade concentrate
  • 3-½ cups – Ice
  • 3 oz – Tequila for Lemon Margaritas, or Vodka for Frozen Lemon Drop Martinis
    • substitute 4 oz water to make delicious non-alcoholic Lemon Slushes
  • combine all ingredients in a blender and frappé!
  • ine

This recipe is for 3 gallon, if you order the 6 gallons double the alcohol and water


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